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Olivia Bayabona, a sophomore at Millbrook High School  is the Teen  Reporter that gives her view on the question raised:  "What does the word "virtuous" mean and how does it apply to a teenage girl today?"  Olivia is the President of Communication and Correspondence of Family, Career and Communities Leaders of America (FCCLA) and she is also a member of the student government. Her favorite subjects in school are math and history and she enjoys praise dance for her church and is a member of a dance group in school. Olivia also  enjoys modeling and fashion.

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"It's NOT how you START in Life, It's How you CHOOSE to FINISH!!"





When I hear the word “virtuous” I think of morals and values I was taught growing up. Morals and virtues such as don’t have sex before marriage, be forgiving, love thy neighbor, take personal responsibilities, and equality.  But I also thought, “What makes me virtuous?”  My, or anyone else’s, choice to respect and follow the morals and virtues learned through life is what makes a virtuous person.  However, for teens the word, “virtuous” is not a thought or concern.

            I’m sure that lots of teens are taught many of the same virtues and morals, although it may vary depending on the family, culture etc.  Teens are taught to tell the truth, respect our elders, and to stay away from drugs and violence.  I do believe that teens remember and keep in mind their taught morals, but today teens have to make the right choice to respect and follow learned virtues.  By teens making the right choice, shows them being virtuous.

            Teens today learn and know many morals and virtues.  However, teenagers are pressured by friends, enemies, siblings, and social media and can influence teen’s thoughts and lead them into the wrong path and ignore the morals they were taught.  Teens have to make their own choice to follow and respect those virtues.

            Being virtuous is a choice!    


B-Girl Teen ReporterOlivia Bayabona
Shares her view on the question:  What does the word "virtuous" mean to you  as  a teenage girl?

Can We Talk?...

Setbacks can happen to the best of us. The most successful people in this world have all came toe-to-toe with struggle and unforeseen circumstances that have left them in a whirlwind of emotions and questions as to how they got there. We make plans and set goals for what we want and sometimes things happen that are out of our control. A family member becomes ill, a relationship ends abruptly, you don't get the job you applied for or you don't make the team, you failed a major exam that caused your GPA to fall, a good friend, so you thought, betrayed your trust, your parents may be struggling financially, a loved one dies or you receive bad news about your health. The list can go on. Many things can happen and it is easy to become discouraged, but we never have to stay discouraged or down and out. Charles R. Swindol reminds us that "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." It is how you perceive the situation you are facing that matters. Yes, terrible things may happen in life but it does not have to take you out or make you terrible. The things that happen to you are only 10% of your life, even though at the time it seems like more. How resilient you are in difficult times, can help to shape your character and prepare you for bigger blessings ahead if you learn how to perceive it from a Victor's mindset. It will also help to define you as a person. You can not be a Victor and a Victim at the same time. You must choose what your 90% is going to be. Once you make up your mind, it will be easier for you to take the necessary steps to shake yourself off and try again. As you do this, you learn and grow, which is all part of the cycle of life. It is an inevitable process. Life requires that we move forward and believe that all things will work together for our good. Pray for direction and then begin to set new goals. 

Here are just a few tips to consider as you prepare for your comeback:

1. Prayer changes things. Learn how to pray to God and ask him for direction before you start each day.

2. Find a mentor or someone you look up to that can be a guide or a sound voice of reason. 

3. Purchase an inexpensive journal and write down areas you would like to change or goals you would like to set. Create a list for short term goals and long term goals and then make a conscious effort to work on your goals. By the end of the week check your progress. .

4. Remember a Victor and Victim mentality can not reside in the same space. .

5. Remind yourself of your accomplishments. It is easy to forget sometimes, so have a system in place to track and reward yourself. (Ie. treat yourself to something you enjoy.)

6.) Have affirmations that you write down on index cards and place them in areas that you can see. Make STRONG affirmative statements that encourages you to keep going. (ie. "I am blessed, strong and well able to finish what I start.")

7. Always keep in mind "Setbacks are Setups for a Comeback!".



Believe in Yourself.....