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The great thing about fashion is that once you think you have all the rules figured out, someone comes along and breaks them all right before your eyes. We've noticed that truism in a number of fashion trends taking place as we speak. Here's some of what our eagle-eyed staff and observant teen girls have concluded for this season's happenings:

  • Bold colors and prints are in this season!

  • Muted colors complement the colors of autumn.

  • Fun edgy hairstyles.

  • Long kente print skirt with denim top screams "chic".

  • Compliment jeans with scarves and boots in muted colors

  • Neutral color accessories look great and can go with any outfit.

  • Graphic t-shirts are always fun and can say a lot about your personality.

  • Nothing can replace the look of a traditional pea coat, except a color pea coat.

  • Color boots, shoes, cool caps and Uggs are always a stapled accessory

  • Fun 2-finger rings, bangles, necklaces & earrings help any outfit stand out.

  • Stiletto nails with fun colors & design with matching Chucks for those days you want to make a fashion statement. 

  • Own your look, no matter what it is! :)

Colorful, Bold, Trendy Styles for the Season.... 


We have some exciting opportunities planned as we enter into the new school year 2016-2017.

Do you or someone you know love to keep up with the latest fashion trends or community happenings.?

Do you have a natural knack for encouraging your friends and family? Are you creative and can come up with innovative ideas?  Or do you simply just enjoy writing, talking or meeting new people? If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then YOU are who we are looking for.

This opportunity may just be for YOU!!

Becoming a Teen Reporter is more than writing an article about different topics. It creates a platform for your voice to be heard and your creativity to be shown. Your communication skills are definitely refined as you will have this fabulous  opportunity to meet people in the community that can possibly help you to reach career goals that you have set.  You will also be able to participate in fun events such as fashion shows, photo shoots, charity events and so much more.  

WE also can’t forget to mention there are some great INCENTIVES to being a Teen Reporter and making referrals. Gift cards, movie passes, cash, prizes and so much more...  

For those of you that may have friends who expressed interest, but have not reached out to us yet, please refer them to the Contact Us page on this website.



- It is no secret that fashion trends change often.

- Whatever your style may be, it is important to know how to dress appropriately for different occasions. You are able to dress age appropriate and still remain comfortable yet stylish. Take the time to try on different looks and "dress your body like you respect your body".

- Choose clothes that look flattering and compliment YOU the best.

- Fun backpacks that are studded in fashionable colors help make a bold statement.

- When shopping, try going with a trusted friend to help you select clothes that will help accent your body type and bring out your best.

- Trendy hairstyles for the season can range from textured tresses to bone straight. Whatever style you choose, take the time to see what style is most flattering to your facial shape.

- Shop around for sales and remember that quality exceeds quantity any day.




Interested in becoming a

Teen Reporter?:

Just a few trends for the season..

Winter Fashion Trends

Last but not least, hand held clutch bags in bold colors are the newest recycled staple to fashion this season. 

2-3 finger ring clutch bags and bold printed clutches with or without straps are sure to make a trendy statement and are easy to carry.